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Social Chat Commerce

Turn conversations into conversions

Accelerate and increase marketing conversions with AI powered, personalized chat experiences on social media.
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Accelerating growth for brands around the world

Reach customers on their favorite channels

Initiate conversations directly from any post, story, and/or ad into interactive experiences and engage customers with meaningful conversations on Facebook, Instagram and LINE.


Enable human-like chat experiences with smart replies, detect customer intent and preferences, and generate hyper-personalized messaging and offers during the chat.

AI-powered, expert guided

Although powered by AI, ZEALS chat experiences are crafted and closely monitored by our expert conversation designers to constantly optimize for greater performance.

Better understand customers with zero-party data

Generate intelligence on customer intents, preferences, interests and more, through automatically collected zero-party data from chat interactions.

Elevated chat experiences with ZEALS integrations

Directly integrate ZEALS chat experiences with your stack to pull offers directly from your inventory, enhance your customer database, accurately track attribution and conversions and more.

Conversations that drive conversions

Click to Experience (CTX) Ads

Transform your ads into interactive experiences that dynamically offer personalized messaging, product recommendations, targeted promotions, and more.

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Organic Engagement

Initiate personalized chat experiences directly from your posts, stories, and even your website to drive more customer engagement.

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Social Push Notifications

Continue the conversation with customers on their favorite social platforms with automated push notifications. This is a ZEALS exclusive feature.

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Fully managed chat solutions

We work closely with you to build and deploy chat solutions optimized for your specific marketing objectives — with our expert conversation designers doing all the work.


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How is ZEALS different from other chatbots?

ZEALs provides you with automated, personalized chat experiences that are fully integrated with Instagram Direct Messenger, Facebook Messenger and LINE Messenger. ZEALS chat experiences are not designed to just take surveys, answer support questions or route users to live agents, but to engage users in conversation-like experiences designed to drive marketing and sales conversions.

Unlike other chatbot solutions, we don’t expect you to do all the work. We provide expert conversation designers to help you build, test and deploy chat experiences that are tailored to your specific objectives.

How can personalized chat experiences help my business?

Traditional channels such as email and organic social are becoming less effective in driving engagement and growth, and yielding lower marketing ROI. Personalized chat experiences enable your business/brand to directly interact with customers individually and cater to their needs in real-time, increasing CTR by up to 100% and Conversions by up to 5X.

Is ZEALS a service or SaaS solution?

ZEALS provides brands with the ability to easily build and integrate custom, automated chat experiences across different social media platforms through our social chat commerce platform (SaaS). In addition, ZEALS also offers professional conversation design services to increase scale and performance.

How long does it take to build and launch ZEALS chat experiences?

ZEALs solutions are highly personalized to your brand voice and target customers, so it will take 3 to 5 weeks to launch your first chat experiences. Time to deployment is also dependent on your level of involvement and speed at providing feedback.

Prior to launch, we will conduct detailed audience and channel research, work with you to incorporate your brand voice into all chat experiences, build the chat experiences, test, and launch.

Do I need to have my business social accounts (Instagram, Facebook, or Line) created before I can use ZEALS?

Yes, because customers will be interacting directly with your brand on their favorite social channel(s). You can select to deploy chat experiences on one or more social platforms of your choice (Instagram, Facebook, or Line).

What is ZEALS pricing model

We will work with you to determine the pricing plan that best suits your marketing/advertising budget. Contact sales for more information.

Are there additional costs for conversation design services

Up to 8 hours of conversation design services will be provided to help you build and launch your first chat experiences at no additional cost. Post launch, up to 2 hours per month will be provided at no charge to help you monitor performance, optimize active experiences, or build new experiences. Additional conversation design services hours can also be purchased, starting $200 an hour.

What is zero party data?

Data intentionally and proactively provided by the user/customer. It can include, purchase intentions, product interests, personal context, and more…

The ability to collect this type of data directly from your customers, enables you to better understand them on a deeper level, and create more tailored experiences and products that better meet their needs. This can create not only an improved customer experience but also increase sales, loyalty, lead capture, conversion rates, etc. The list goes on.